The project has been completed



Andrea Gardner works in the realm of staged photography and mixed media sculpture.

For her photography she creates diorama-like set-ups in her studio which consists of old paintings, artificial plants, taxidermied animals, soil, insects and people. Both her photography and her sculpture explore our relationship with animals, nature and the environment.

Reading Rooms

reading rooms

Reading Rooms is an exhibition of literary artworks by Catherine Macdonald, Sophie Klerk, Katherine Claypole, Ana Terry and Julian Priest. Each artist has been invited to create a work that communicates ideas through language, discusses what language is or deals with the material of literary endeavour.

Exhibition Opening 8th September, 5.30pm

Showing 8th - 30th September

Opening hours Mon-Sat 10am-3pm

Midden - a quotidian dig


Midden explores our heavily saturated world of images, things and

signs through imagined artifacts of an archaeological dig.

Opening 5pm, Saturday, 25th June

Artist talk Tuesday, 5.30pm, 28th June

Showing from Monday 27th June - Saturday 2nd July 2011

Inside Out

Inside Out Greenbench


INSIDE OUT WHANGANUI celebrates the youth of Whanganui by taking portraits of 96 young individuals and displaying large prints of their portraits in the windows of a central city building.

The project is part of the large-scale global participatory art project INSIDEOUT, that transforms messages of personal identity into pieces of artistic work.

Stencil workshop

Mike Marsh led a stencil workshop at the Green Bench,
Tuesday 26th April 2011, 1pm-4pm

People were invited to bring their own material and images.

At the end of the workshop the gallery walls were coved with the final stencils.



Slow Flow - Te Ia Kōrero - 2011


Registration is now open for Slowflow 2011, a trip down the Whanganui River, Aotearoa/New Zealand between Feb 3rd 2011 and Feb 7th.

Slowflow invites artists, technologists, writers and environmentalists on a 5 day journey down the Whanganui River waka, creating a setting for a flow of conversations - Te Ia Kōrero.


An exhibition of oil paintings, photographs, video and assemblage that explores relationships between art and oil. The exhition is timed to coincide with  Energetics and Informatics - the Ada Symposium 2010, Whanganui.

Sophie Jerram (Refined Life) .nz, Michael Marcovici (After BP) .it, Leigh Mitchell-Anyon (Gas Guzzling Cars) .nz, Felicity Priest (Exocet) .uk, Julian Priest (Plastic Drift) .nz, Superflex (Burning Car) .dk, Ubermorgen (Deep Horizon).de

Exhibition opening

3rd Dec 201, 5.30pm -8.00pm
Showing 6th - 17th Dec 2010
Opening hours Monday - Friday 10am - 3pm
and by appointment
The Green Bench
67 Guyton Street

The Snow Line

Michael Poa (One River), Julian Priest (The Greenbench) and friends invite you to join us in a collaborative performance artwork documenting a hikoi that references the Whanganui story of the relationship between Ruapehu and Taranaki.

The performance will take place at:

2pm Sunday 27th June 2010
The Govett Brewster
Corner of King and Queen Street
New Plymouth

The Future Network

Video of slide presentation of The Future Network from Now Futures - Dialogues with tomorrow.

The Future Network from Julian Priest on Vimeo.


Talisman for the Mind

Talisma for the Mind

Exhibition Opening 18th June 2010, 5.30 - 8.00 pm

With a poetry performance by Ron Riddell, Saray Torres and Tessa Priest

Showing 19th June - 16th July 2010

Opening hours Monday - Friday 10am - 3pm




Exhibition Opening 30th April 5.30pm - 8.00pm
Showing 1st - 21st May 2010
Opening hours Monday - Friday 10am - 5pm

Open Studio 2010

Open Studio 2010

The Green Bench is taking part in the 10th aniversary Whanganui Open Studios 2010

  • March 20th - 21st 2010 10 - 4pm
  • March 27th - 28th 2010 10 - 4pm (March 27th tbc)

Showing works on paper, photography and graphic art by Sophie Klerk.

Odd Sock Triage - a participatory piece by Julian Priest.

The Green Bench is also pleased to be taking part once more in 'Pay and Display' art in the parking places of Guyton Street.



The Green Bench took part in the electrosmog festival of sustaianable immobility.

The electrosmog festival is an international media arts festival where all the participants stay in their home town.

As part of the deep local session we set out onto the Whanganui river to present to the conference - 10am - 12pm in Europe/10pm-12am in Aotearoa/New Zealand.

Toothbrushes Of Perception


What do the earliest perceiving organisms and simple robots have in common?

Talk and Workshop at The Green Bench

14th December 2009 5.30 - 9.00 pm

The Slow Flow Show

slow flow show

Works from the 2009 "Slow Flow - Te Ia Korero" residency on the Whanganui river.

Andy Slater (uk), Angus Leech (ca), Brit Bunkley (nz), Dhyana Beaumont (nz), Julian Priest (nz), Nigel Brooke (nz), Sonja Van Kerkhoff (nl), Stella Brenan (nz), Sue James (nz), Tom Ang (uk), Hannah Rainforth (nz)

Showing 31st Jan - 28th Feb 2010

Slow Flow - Te Ia Kōrero - 2010


Slowflow 2010 was a trip down the Whanganui River, Aotearoa/New Zealand between Jan 21st and Jan 31st 2010. Slowflow will be run again in 2011 dates to be announced soon.

Slowflow invited artists, technologists, writers and environmentalists on a 10 day journey down the Whanganui River by double hulled 22 person waka haurua (canoe) and bicycle, creating a setting for a flow of conversations - Te Ia Kōrero.

Energy Hike

Opening 5.30 Friday 20th February 2009

Energy Hike is a series of photographs and ruminations on the relationship between energy and environment inspired by the industrial ecologies of energy rich South Alberta.


PAPERWORK is a collaborative exhibition by Sophie Klerk and Katherine Claypole. PAPERWORK evolved from weekly studio sessions held by the two artists over the last few months involving discussion of ideas and experimentation with different processes and media. The work shown is a meeting point, a contexture, a merger of both artists' individual styles that have now become interwoven.


B.Y.O was the opening night of The Green Bench. This invitation was sent out and Green Bench curated the pieces that people brought along, throughout the Whanganui Open Studio week.


Please 'bring your own' to The Green Bench 5.30 til 8.00 pm 28th March 2008, 62 Guyton Street, Whanganui

Slow Flow - Te Ia Kōrero


Slowflow is a trip down the Whanganui River, Aotearoa/New Zealand first run between Feb 10th and Feb 16th 2009.

See the Slowflow 2010 pages for this years trip here.

Slowflow invites artists, technologists and environmentalists on a 6 day journey down the Whanganui River by double hulled 22 person waka haurua (canoe) and bicycle, creating a setting for a flow of conversations - Te Ia Kōrero.