Talisman for the Mind

Talisma for the Mind

Exhibition Opening 18th June 2010, 5.30 - 8.00 pm

With a poetry performance by Ron Riddell, Saray Torres and Tessa Priest

Showing 19th June - 16th July 2010

Opening hours Monday - Friday 10am - 3pm


Talisman for the mind, is an exhibition of sculpture by Karin Strachan that explores the relationship between art making and sanity. The works are informed by words, ideas and language from Bachelard, Blanchot and Frame threaded with personal ruminations about the space of one’s mind in the art world.

The exhibition is complemented by poetry readings at the opening by Ron Ridell and Saray Torres and a new poem by Tessa Priest, Sky Fragments written in situ in Karin's studio during the development of the pieces.


Talisman for the mind is kindly supported by:

Creative Communities Wanganui District

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