Slow Flow - Te Ia Kōrero


Slowflow is a trip down the Whanganui River, Aotearoa/New Zealand first run between Feb 10th and Feb 16th 2009.

See the Slowflow 2010 pages for this years trip here.

Slowflow invites artists, technologists and environmentalists on a 6 day journey down the Whanganui River by double hulled 22 person waka haurua (canoe) and bicycle, creating a setting for a flow of conversations - Te Ia Kōrero.


Slowflow imagines living in a post carbon future where physical transport has slowed to human speed, energy use is constrained and renewable, production is collaborative and relocalised, and information communication is instantaneous, global and accessible. Taking a few days out from global hypermobility, slowflow models the contemporary ecotopian dream as a mobile temporary autonomous zone and paddles and cycles it through a landscape of narratives.

The journey starts high up the Whanganui River beneath the volcano Ruapehu and passes through the native bush for 3 days. Emerging from the forest and shifting to bicycles, it continues to sites of counter cultural interest, Jerusalem, the abandoned Ahu Ahu Ohu commune and the Wanganui Police Computer, before reaching the river mouth and the wider network of the sea.

On each day a local expert is invited to give a short talk about the historical context of each site. Participants are asked to bring a project to make or experiment with on the trip. Whether it be a piece of technology, a piece of media, an art work, doumentation of the trip, or some writing, the collective common wealth of works will form the basis of an exhibition, a web site and a publication.


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For detail of where to join Slowflow including maps and timings see Meeting Points

Date Activity/Location
10th Feb
Day Bus - New Plymouth - Whanganui - RauRimu - Whakahoro
Night Whakahoro
11th Feb
Day 6 hours paddle
Night Mangapapapa
12th Feb
Day 6 hours paddle
Stop at Mangapurua - walk in to Bridge to Nowhere
Night Tieke
13th Feb
Day Paddle to Jerusalem
Night Jerusalem
14th Feb
Day 1/2 Day cycle to Ātene Marai
Community Weekend, Kōrerorero
Night Ātene Marai
15th Feb
Walk into Ahu Ahu Ohu
Night Ātene
16th Feb
Day Cycle to Whanganui
Visit to Pākaitore
Whanganui Police Computer
Night Party at Putiki


All boating and cycling equipment will be provided.

Food and accommodation will be provided. Please indicate your food preferences on the registration form.

People will need to bring appropriate clothing. For a full list of what to bring check out the Packing List


Slowflow is organised by:

  • The Green Bench
  • One River Many Journeys

Slowflow partners with:


Community Days

In the lower section of the journey Feb 14th, 15th, 16th, Slow Flow opens up to visitors.

People wishing to accompany the trip should provide their own bicycle, food and accommodation and register below.


Included in the full price are transport from Wanganui, boat and equipment hire, food, accomodation, and bicycle hire.

Costs are estimated at $650 New Zealand Dollars per person for the whole six days.

For those wishing to take part in only part of the trip costs are estimated at $400 for the first 3 days and $100 a day for each of the last 3 days. (To be confirmed)

Community Day costs $25 per adult per day, children free.

Payment will be required before the start of the trip.

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Formal invitations can be supplied on request by the Green Bench for those able to seek funds from their institutions or funding organisations and for visa purposes.


If you or your organisation would like to offer any kind of support please mail slowflow at greenbench dot org.


If you would like to accompany Slowflow on one of the community days please signup for a Community Day

If you would like to take part in the full trip please Register