Slow Flow 2010 Meeting Points

Wanganui Pickup and Packing

0900 Thursday Jan 21st 2010 One River, The Boat ramp, Takarangi Street, Wanganui

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We will be packing all the gear that we will take with us into drums and dry bags here. Please separate gear into: 1. Things we will take on the river section 2. Things to be delivered up to Jerusalem on 28th Jan 3. Things to store in Wanganui for collection on 31st Jan See Packing List

Departure for Whakahoro

11.00 Thursday 21st Jan 2010


14.00 Thursday 21st Jan 2010 Arrival at Whakahoro

Bike Drop off

Please drop your bikes off at Putiki at the departure point. These will be taken up to Pipiriki on the boat trailer with the Greenbikes bikes. +64 0(6) 345 5048 contact: jonah (The bike trailer will be departing for pipirki 26th Jan 2009.)


Estimated arrival time: 14.00 Tuesday January 26th.


Estimated arrival time: 17.00 Tuesday January 26th

Jerusalem Marai - Jerusalem R.D.6 Whanganui River Map

Ātene Marai

Estimated arrival time: 1500 28th Jan 2010 Ātene Marai Whanganui River Road Wanganui Camping site for Slowflow community weekend. Map

Ahu Ahu Ohu Walk

9.00 30th Jan 2010 meet at Ātene Marai Map then move to 10.00 15th Feb 2009 Ahu Ahu Ohu access point for river crossing by waka Map

Wanganui Police Computer

Estimated arrival 1300 Sunday 31st Jan Meet at Pakaitore Map


17.30 Sunday 31st Jan 2010 The Slow Flow Show opening. 67 Guyton Street, Whanganui Map