Inside Out

Inside Out Greenbench


INSIDE OUT WHANGANUI celebrates the youth of Whanganui by taking portraits of 96 young individuals and displaying large prints of their portraits in the windows of a central city building.

The project is part of the large-scale global participatory art project INSIDEOUT, that transforms messages of personal identity into pieces of artistic work.

Celebrating Whanganui youth (aged 16-25) will give the opportunity for the broader community to see a personal representation of young people in Whanganui.

The Green Bench project room was transformed into a public photographic studio and image workshop for 2 weeks from the 16th of May 2011 to 25th May 2011. The gallery also hosts an exhibition of the portraits along side statements from each participant until 11th June. 96 large prints are being displayed across the road in the windows of the large building on the corner of Guyton Street and Victoria avenue and will be up there for a month.

The public opening and celebration took place on June 4th 2011 at 4pm on Guyton Street.

The project is featured on JR's  Best of Inside Out website


Inside Out Team

Amanda McManus

Jill Stegmann

Rena Star

Sophie Klerk

Sue James

Svenja Kutscher

Tracey Grant





Inside Out Workshop at the Green Bench


Choosing the photograph



Students at Whanganui City College writing their statements



Green Bench Poster for the Inside Out Whanganui Project



Someone chose to draw his statement



Some of the posters before being put up



Part of the team putting up the posters



Almost there...



Inside looking out


The completed Inside Out Project on Guyton St, Whanganui



The opening on Guyton St, 4th June 2011



Small scale versions and statements displayed in the Green Bench



Thanks to Jack Mitchell-Anyon we had live music for the opening