Energy Hike

Opening 5.30 Friday 20th February 2009

Energy Hike is a series of photographs and ruminations on the relationship between energy and environment inspired by the industrial ecologies of energy rich South Alberta.

Taken from a field trip and a series of discussions in August 2008, Energy Hike juxtaposes environmental texts with documentary photographs. These ground discussions of energy issues in a witnessing of current practice, in search of poetic tension. They open the space for a wider discussion of the distancing of humankind from the land and challenge the view of nature as resource.

Julian Priest (40 New Zealand) is an artist and researcher based in Whanganui.

Angus Leech (38 Canada) is lead researcher of the Art/Mobile lab at the Banff New Media Institute, Banff, Canada

Opening 5.30 Friday 20th February 2009

Exhibition 20th February - 13th March 2009