Asumi Mizuo

Born in Tokyo, Japan. Based in Auckland, New Zealand.


2009 - Master of Fine Arts, University of Auckland.
2006 - Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Auckland.

Group Exhibition

2009     "It can be said that art is what remains after a course of rejection of ideas,"
Window, Auckland.
2009     Rm, Auckland. with Akiko Diegel.
2007     "UNTITLED (yet)", rm103, Auckland.
2007     Asian At Wheel, Gus Fisher Gallery, Auckland.
2006     "Eenie Meenie Miney Mo",
Film Archive and George Fraser Gallery, Auckland.
2006     "Inside looking out/Outside looking in", George Fraser Gallery,
2005     "By Any Means", Film Archive, Auckland.

Solo Exhibition

2008 "Solfege," Window, Auckland.
2007 "Tread Not" "Up On", Rm103, Auckland.